2000 MGE Proposed Pipeline

Letter From MGE to Dudgeon-Monroe Residents About Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline Project Along SW Commuter Bike Path.
April 2000
Dear Customers,
As your community utility company, Madison Gas and Electric is serious about serving the growing demands of the Madison area while minimizing environmental and neighborhood impacts. Within the next few years continued building expansion and infill growth in the University and downtown area will outstrip the current MGE natural gas delivery system.
We are proposing to use the planned construction of the South West Commuter Bike Path along the abandoned Illinois Central rail corridor as an opportunity to improve our natural gas delivery system for the University and downtown area. Installing a gas line along the bike path will be less costly for customers and less disruptive for the surrounding neighborhoods than other alternatives.
Pending Public Service Commission of Wisconsin approval, MGE will bury a 12 inch natural gas pipe in a four foot deep trench under the bike path between Freeport Road south of the Beltline and Commonwealth Avenue. The pipeline will then continue along Commonwealth and up Allen Street into the campus area. This pipe will be similar to ones already in service at McKee Road, Northport Drive and other parts of the Madison area.
Pipeline construction along the bike path is expected to begin mid-June with completion in mid-July. The bike path construction will then follow. Construction along the remainder of the route should be completed in mid-September. We will notify residents adjacent to the construction area before we begin.
If you have questions or would like to learn more about this project, stop in for an informational open house from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 4 at the Sonderegger Science Center, 821 Edgewood College Drive.