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DMNA News is an email list sponsored by the Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association to periodically send information about activities of interest to residents of the neighborhood.

Subscribers only need to provide their email address to receive messages. These email addresses will not be used for other purposes or distributed to any other parties.

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The email list will be used for short and timely official announcements from DMNA, and, if relevant to DMNA, information from other neighborhood associations, the University of Wisconsin, City of Madison, Dane County, and the State of Wisconsin. In some instances, an announcement of a public meeting sponsored by another organization will be distributed if it directly relates to the purposes of DMNA.

The email list will include announcements such as:

  • DMNA Annual Meeting

  • DMNA sponsored events (e.g., Social, Weed Feed, and work days for the SW Bicycle Path or Children's Glen)

  • DMNA committee requests, if appropriate (e.g., recruit block captains & area reps and other specialized requests for help)

  • Jazz in the Park & Lake Wingra Clean-up

  • Glenwood Childrens Park Work Days

  • Public hearings and meetings related to neighborhood issues (sponsored by DMNA, the city, alders, the county, or supervisors)

  • Other events when the DMNA Neighborhood Council has specifically authorized the announcement

The email list will not be used for:

  • Political activity

  • Commercial activity

The subscription link also provides access to an archive of recent messages.