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President's Message

Welcome to spring, D-MNA. One of my four favorite seasons, it is time for me to wake me up from my drowsy, winter snooze. Spring makes me think of so many great things in our neighborhood, including biking on our path, canoeing on Wingra, and shopping along Monroe Street. I can't wait for Jazz in the Park, coming up this June 19th at our amazing Wingra Park.

You've all read the news lately about the importance of our lakes, and we in DMNA certainly appreciate the pricelessness of our own. Friends of Lake Wingra and our own Wingra Park and Lake Wingra committees are doing great work to ensure that this treasure is protected for all of us. You all generously donated to help support Lake Wingra during our membership drive as well.

Lake Wingra will also be featured at our annual meeting, coming right up on SUNDAY, APRIL 25. Our annual meeting is, like spring training and March Madness--an annual harbinger of spring. Lake Wingra and lots of pie, what more could one want? At the annual meeting, I will be turning over the keys to the castle. . . and want you to know one last time, what an honor it has been serving as your president. This neighborhood, and all the people in it, never ceases to amaze me. Have a great spring and see you on the path, the lake, and Monroe Street. . . I'll be the one with no hair.

Be well,

Brian Solomon

Mark Your Calendars

June 19th, 2004

Jazz In The Park

hosted at Lake Wingra Park on June 19, 2004. Dust off your picnic baskets and put on your dancing sandals! Spring fever has hit and it is time to think about dancing in the park under the warm sun to some great jazz tunes. The day kicks off just after the Lake Wingra Clean Up, and starts out once again with the Children's Activities. The afternoon and evening will follow with some of the best local bands in Madison. Watch for your flyer and more information in the next Hornblower issue.

RELAX... enjoy our neighborhood while you wait!

TranSitting Enhanced Neighbors are invited to follow the example of Ald. Ken Golden in providing a bench for their favorite bus stop. Madison Metro's Transit Enhancement Funds program furnishes 80% federal funding for such amenities, including the new bench at Pickford Street. Now, besides the match for that bench, Ken has personally donated a small start-up grant toward the next resident-sponsored bench in our neighborhood. Contact Paula Benkart (255-2690) for details. In addition, with a match from D-MNA's Oak Savanna Committee, Metro's Transit Enhancement Funds program furnished 90% federal funding for the bike rack at Arbor Drive. Many thanks to all these benefactors!

Mixing Business and Pleasure...

Mark you calendars for April 25th! The Annual Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association Meeting will be from 2-4 PM at Temple Beth El, 2702 Arbor Drive.

On the Agenda for the D-MNA Annual Meeting. . .

The "keynote" speech will be a presentation on Lake Wingra by Edgewood Biology Professor and Lake Wingra Friends Steering Committee member, Dr. Jim Lorman. Prof. Lorman writes, "Lake Wingra is exceptional as a recreational and ecological resource within an urban environment. Friends of Lake Wingra is part of a collaborative community-wide effort working to understand the factors affecting the ecological health of Lake Wingra and to develop management strategies aimed at protecting and improving ecosystem health. Areas of particular interest include stormwater pollution, invasive species, water quality, and citizen stewardship. Our goal is to put together the story of the Lake and its watershed, thus providing a framework to help shape the future research, management, and policy agenda."

Jane Riley will update us on the Neighborhood Planning Grant. "The second neighborhood-wide meeting is coming soon. This update will make sure you are current on the work accomplished so far on the Monroe Streets Business Districts planning project."

There will be a rain garden workshop before (1 PM) and a visit to two rain gardens afterward, at 3102 and 3106 Gregory Street. Daryl Sherman and Hannah Harris will discuss them and answer questions. Many photographs of the gardens will be on display.

EnAct Neighbors Helping the Environment & Saving Money

Do you want to get to know your neighbors? Would you like to save money and make your home safe and healthy? Join an EnAct team in the Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood!

The EnAct program promotes sustainable living by creating Environmental Action Teams in neighborhoods, community organizations and workplaces. When you join a team, you will work together to reduce household waste, conserve energy and water, protect water quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Teams meet for about sixteen weeks and celebrate their accomplishments with a potluck when they finish the program.

EnAct teams save energy, water, and money! On average, each household has:

For additional information or to join visit or contact Amanda Fuller EnAct Program Manager 608-204-2888 amanda at

Steppin' out. . .


Now that temperatures are above zero, spring smells mud-luscious and the neighborhood clear of ice and snow, it's time to drop that winter ten pounds, bolster your lifetime health, and reconnect with your neighbors and neighborhood businesses by walking around the neighborhood. As my realtor friend says, our neighborhood has "all the cookies"--especially when it comes to enjoying nature's fantastic spring show.

It's also time to renew our neighborhood commitment to a better transportation balance in the neighborhood, so please consider:


Lake Wingra Morning:
Poems of the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood

A perfect gift for friends and family! This collection of poetry by DMNA residents is available for only $5.00 Make check out to DMNA and send to:

Shawn Schey
878 Woodrow Street
Madison, WI 53711

Madison Friends of International Students needs your help.

Would you like to be partnered with an international student for great english conversations?

The goal of the program is to leave these students with a favorable impression of our city and country.

Please call Anne Nahn at 831-3390, if interested.

Give 'em a hand... hand tool that is!

"One step forward, two steps back." That is how a fellow contractor described Nels Diller, a remodeling and building contractor who has lived in the neighborhood at 605 Pickford St since 1984. Hearing that comment second-hand fifteen years ago, Nels was offended. Now, he wears it like a badge of honor.

Nels has done restoration and worked in traditional styles from the time he went into business with a partner in 1971. Some of his early projects are now gone, the Bakers' Rooms at 305 State St and the Barber's Closet in the basement of the Washington Hotel. But, it was not until Jan 2000 that an old interest in the tools and methods of hand crafts flared up and became the new challenge in his life. On that date he made a drawing of a Norwegian folk building, called a Stabbur. From the Middle Ages, at least, these two-story structures have been built on rural farmsteads to house the farm produce and, on the second story, the treasured costumes and household goods of the family. Nels began experimenting with materials and techniques in preparation for building such a structure. His work there sparked the use of hand tools and techniques that he now employs in his contracting business.

In the spring of 2000 Nels began a job for Ron Rosner at 1819 Summit Ave. Ron wanted a garden shed and a place to store his canoes. Ron and Nels worked together to come up with a design based upon a Japanese boathouse. For building materials, Nels suggested they look for a local alternative to the typical lumberyard product. Ron found a mill in Peshtigo, WI, which could supply Northern white cedar. They ordered poles, rough-sawn timbers, and shingles. Ron and his wife, Ronnie Hess, rented a U-Haul and went up and brought it home. Ron had recently retired from the WI Dept of Rev and was looking for a challenge. After some reluctance, he yielded to Nels' urging that they build the structure with hand tools. The neighbors were relieved not to have the blaring radios and screaming saws. For the most part, they held to their regimen. The completed 12'x20' structure resides at the back of Ron's lot and could truly be described as a pagoda or tea house. It provides a focal point for all the neighbors in their triangular-shaped block. It urges them to get out and pay attention to what is happening in their back yard and maybe to do a little gardening.

Nels is looking for others in the neighborhood interested in pursuing traditional hand crafts, either through hiring him and his partner to do carpentry work or in sharing resources and techniques. He can be reached at 238-0735.



Ethiopian food comes to Dudgeon-Monroe, served by Dan Teferra and his partner Yeslie Demissee. Their new restaurant, Yirgalem, meaning "let the world be a stable and peaceful place," is located in the old Victor Allen's site in Knickerbocker Place. Yeslie has developed meat, fish, chicken and vegetarian recipes from her Ethiopian homeland. Open Monday - Saturday--11am to 10 pm; Sunday brunch--10 am to 3 pm. Call 231-6242 for reservations.


Phil Clementi of "team Clementi restauranteurs" and his wife Jackie are the owners of Papa Phil's at 2611 Monroe Street. Son Steve is manager and chef. Remember Lorenzo's on State Street? That was Grandpapa's. The Clementis have dipped into their old family recipes for the sauces, which they make themselves, and serve with fresh pasta. They also feature vegetarian choices. Open Monday - Thursday--11 am to 9 pm; Friday - Saturday--11 am to 10 pm. Closed Sunday. Call for carry-out or reservations: 233-6311.


Take the fast and fun road to fitness and health: Curves is now open for business in Knickerbocker Place. The franchise is owned and managed by Paula Peterson. Stop by and meet Paula, try the routine, and find out about membership. Open Monday through Friday; Saturday hours may be added later. Closed Sundays. Call 232-1180 for membership information.


Dear Webmaster:

I've got an event of interest to the neighborhood coming up that I'd like my Dudgeon Monroe neighbors to know about. Any suggestions on how to get the word out?

Dear Publicity Hound,

The Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association Web site at maintains a calendar of current events for the neighborhood. You'll find a "DMNA Calendar" link on the main page that will take you to a three month view of what's going on in our immediate area. Getting your event added to it is a piece of cake. Just click on the "Submit a calendar event" link on the top of the calendar page and a form will pop up asking you everything that your webmasters need to know to add your event. Hit the "Submit Event" button when you're done and we'll take it from there. The calendar is a great place for meetings that address neighborhood issues, block party dates, performances in the neighborhood, etc. There is no charge for posting events on the calendar. You must be a neighbor or the event must be directly linked to neighborhood issues or events. Even if you've publicized it elsewhere, listing it on our local calendar is a great way to make sure that your neighbors will be there.

Your Webmasters--Jane Riley & Steve Murray 238-6824


Work is in full swing on the neighborhood planning grant. The plan for the Monroe Street business districts will include a market study, a land use plan for the Monroe Street corridor and general development guidelines.

This plan accomplishes several goals based on input from neighbors, business owners, property owners, financiers, city staff and community leaders along with marketplace realities. All input is related to basic land use economics.

This planning process will provide a business district master plan to take to the city, provide land use and development guidelines for developers and property owners and will provide marketing tools to recruit and retain businesses in the corridor. This plan will change "planning by reaction" to "planning with guidance." Your input is vital to a successful plan for the corridor.

Planning consultants, Planning and Design Institute (PDI) from Milwaukee, and their partner in this project, Business Districts, Inc. (BDI), are holding meetings and interviews with neighbors, merchants, and stakeholders. This information-gathering phase of the project is critical to defining the vision for this area. If you have not had an opportunity to comment, you can go to and click on Neighborhood Planning Grant under "Hot Topics." There you will find links to PDI and BDI. Click on PDI link and send comments to Gaurie Rodman and Brian Peterson, project managers. Locally you can send comments to Jane Riley by using the feedback form, General Comment, "attn: Jane" in your message.

BDI is conducting the market research aspect of the study. They met with merchants in February and have begun to conduct one-on-one interviews with merchants, property owners, city staff and other stakeholders. Their initial results will be presented at the second neighborhood-wide meeting in early May.

The first neighborhood-wide meeting, held on March 4, was conducted by PDI on the Edgewood campus. This meeting was a listening session for PDI and an opportunity for neighbors to provide their vision for the neighborhood. The consultants requested comments in five categories relating to the business districts: 1. Activities and Uses; 2. Physical and Visual Character; 3. Environment and Landscape; 4. Traffic and Circulation; 5. Sustainability and Redevelopment.

Like BDI, the planning consultants are conducting additional one-on-one interviews to gather more information. The initial findings will be part of the presentation at the next neighborhood meeting in early May. This is an important meeting for all of us to attend. This is the meeting where we have an opportunity to check the progress of the study and see if it reflects our collective vision for the Monroe Street business corridor. This project is a $30,000 project, funded 50% through a grant from the city and 50% through donations.

We thank the following businesses and organizations for their support. Vilas Neighborhood Association, D-MNA, MG&E, Associated Bank, Monroe Street Merchants, High Pointe Properties, the Library League, Edgewood College, Restaino-Bunbury independent contractors: Mary Jo Croake, Paul Rynders, Pat Whyte and Tom Meyer.

We are still looking for donations. Make checks payable to: Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association- MSNPG and send to Jane Riley, 3004 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711.

Watch for the next meeting announcement. Please plan to attend. Again, your input is vital to a successful plan for the corridor. Current project information is posted at Neighborhood Planning Grant link.


from the Greater Madison Healthy Lawn Team, Inc.


Does your lawn have problem areas? While most lawns don't have serious problems, many can be improved by using smart horticultural cultural practices. Many common lawn problems such as weeds, thin grass, and bare spots occur because of poor soil structure, lack of nutrients or compacted soil. Lifting a patch of turf and examining the soil will often provide clues about soil condition. Other turf problems are the result of planting grass in the wrong location. Grass rarely thrives in shady areas and high traffic locations. Consider shade-loving ground covers and paths instead.




For more information about the D-MNA Lake Wingra and Healthy Lawn Team, please contact Hannah Harris at 232-1462 or harris at

City Turns An Eye to WINGRA PARK

You may have noticed City dump trucks hauling bare earth into Wingra Park this winter and wondered about the commotion. The City of Madison Parks Division has been filling in depressions in the softball outfield. In November, the City of Madison met with the neighborhood association and concerned citizens to discuss several Wingra Park issues including the smoothing of uneven terrain in the softball field where areas have settled. Wingra Park was built on filled wetland areas along the lakeshore, and some areas had settled due to poor soils. The Parks Division filled the worst of the holes this winter, hauling topsoil into the area when the ground was frozen. The area will be seeded in the spring. The Parks Division came to the November meeting with plans to review the Master Plan for Wingra Park and upgrade various amenities. However, based on discussions at the November meeting, the Parks Division decided to delay the plan review and any further upgrades until stormwater planning can be brought into the process.

The Arboretum and the Madison Engineering Division are currently looking at stormwater issues in several watersheds entering the Arboretum and Lake Wingra, including the watershed area that drains through Wingra Park. By late 2004, the Parks Division expects to develop concepts for stormwater improvements, urban sediment removal near the Wingra boathouse, and shoreline restoration. In addition, the Parks Division will consider how these water resource improvements may affect additional renovations that it has considered for the park. Some improvement items may be requested in the city's 2005 budget. Si Widstrand, Park Planning Supervisor, anticipates returning to the neighborhood meetings this fall to discuss these issues in relation to a park Master Plan.

Residents interested in becoming more involved in Wingra Park activities are welcome to join the Wingra Park Committee. Please contact Katy Werner 236-4429. Depending on the level of interest, we may meet and/or establish an email list to facilitate communication about Wingra Park issues.

This information was provided courtesy of Si Widstrand, Park Planning Supervisor at the City of Madison Parks Division, edited by Katy Werner, Wingra Park Committee, DMNA


Sunday, April 25, 2004 at Temple Beth El 2702 Arbor Drive (Near Wingra Park)

1:00 pm Rain Garden Workshop
Hannah Harris and Daryl Sherman.

2:00 pm Ice Cream and Pie Social
Rain Garden Display Table: Photos, brochures, information

2:45 pm Business Meeting Election of Officers and Neighborhood Planning Grant Update
Jane Riley.The second neighborhood-wide meeting is coming soon. This update will make sure you are up to date on the work accomplished so far on the Monroe Street Business Districts planning projects. (15 minutes).

3:15 pm "Lake Wingra Watershed: Research and Management Issues"
Emphasis on ecosystem health, particularly stormwater pollution, invasive species, water quality and citizen stewardship. Speaker Jim Lorman, Professor of Biology, Edgewood College and Friends of Lake Wingra steering committee member.

4:00 pm Visit Rain Gardens
3102 and 3106 Gregory Street lead by Daryl Sherman and Hannah Harris.

To volunteer for this event, or other Social Committee Events contact Mary Jo Croake 231-1406 maryjo at or Ann McDermott 233-6273

The Dudgeon-Monroe Hornblower is published four times per year. The advertising and article deadline for the next issue is April 26, 2004 For information on display ads --sizes and cost-- contact Julie Meyer at 231-1558 Story ideas welcome. Call Kathy Madison at 238-3533 or email at kmmadison2000 at DMNA reserves the right to edit articles.