Madison Zoning Code

The zoning code is a set of new ordinances that was adopted by the city in 2012, and became effective in January, 2013.  It created a new set of commercial designations.  The Traditional Shopping Street (TSS) zoning designation has been assigned to many of the possible redevelopment sites along Monroe St.  The TSS zoning description includes directives to maintain the viability of existing nearby residential buildings and to facilitate redevelopment that is consistent with the recommendations of adopted neighborhood, corridor or special area plans. (see pg 28-57 of zoning code).  It also includes basic size maximums, set-backs, etc.
Pages 201-217, Subchapter 28L "Procedures" describes how land development decisions and projects are approved and permitted in Madison.  It describes how an application is submitted, who processes the application, the types of procedures that are followed, and what the approval allows the applicant to do.
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