Monroe Street Commercial District Plan

The Monroe St. Commercial District Plan was funded by the City of Madison through a 2004 grant to the Dudgeon-Monroe and Vilas neighborhood associations, and the Monroe St. Merchants Association, to provide criteria to assist in evaluating future development and redevelopment plans (pg 8-9). 
The broad goals of the Commercial District plan call for new and existing business development that complements the character (physical and retail) of Monroe Street, while managing density and scale with the existing neighborhood.  The goals also include the directive to  “preserve and enhance the residential character of the neighborhoods around the commercial districts,” which is what makes Monroe St special and in turn contributes to the appeal and commercial success upon which those local businesses depend.
The plan  - a set of guidelines - was adopted by City Council in 2007.  The plan includes maps, site descriptions, and guidelines for possible redevelopment projects. 
Link to the Monroe Street Commercial District Plan:
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