Freiburg Gastropub, 2612 Monroe Street, Update

At the Wednesday, March 18, 2015 Alcohol Licensing and Review Committee (ALRC) concerning the Class B alcohol license for the Freiburg Gastropub at 2612 Monroe Street, the Committee voted 4-1 against the application.   Technically, the vote was to "place on file."  There is some recourse for re-applying, and this decision is only a recommendation to the Common Council, where it will still be voted on in their meeting Wednesday, March 31, 2015, 6:30pm.


The backyard outdoor seating will not be pursed.  Not only were many committee members against (due to noise, proximity to backyards), but apparently outdoor seating on private property has to go to the Zoning Commission for approval. The owner, afterwards, told neighbors that they will not pursue this.


The arguments made by those against the liquor license:

1) Alcohol density in our neighborhood

2) Impact on neighborhood in terms of parking

3) The valet proposal was considered ill-conceived given the location, traffic flow, etc.  

4) Concern that the City told neighbors just a year ago during The Monroe hearings that this block was not an appropriate location for a restaurant


The owners made some important comments. First, they said that they had not been informed by our current Alder, Lucas Dailey, that they could expect neighborhood opposition. All members of the committee said that they felt badly for the owners because they had not been been fully informed. Second, the Alders were shocked Lucas had not told the owners about the understanding that arose from The Monroe debate -- that a restaurant would not be appropraite in this location.

The ALRC motion goes to the Common Council for a vote on Wednesday, March 31, 6:30 pm, at which we will have a new alder, post April 7th election.   If you would like to express your thoughts to the alders before that meeting, please send email to