Parks & Gardens Committee

Our Legacy

Madison has many parks and green spaces throughout the City.  The city park system as well as the Arboretum are inherited from the vision and generosity of turn-of-the-century Madison progressives like John M. Olin, director of the Madison Park Pleasure Drive Association.  The Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood benefits from the legacy left by Olin and others who believed that parks were an integral part of city life, acting as the "lungs of the city" and providing necessary recreational areas for city residents.  We benefit from this legacy and it is fitting that we work to maintain and improve that legacy for future generations.   

Volunteers are Essential - Join Us

DMNA's Parks and Gardens Committee creates projects and coordinates volunteers in Glenwood Children's Park and Wingra Park and in other greenspaces.  Volunteering at one of these sites is a great way to learn more about plant communities, meet neighbors, and make new friends.  Participants find that investing time to improve local greenspaces creates a sense of belonging and stewardship for our outdoor environment. In turn, the improvements in our greenspaces encourage social gatherings such as the summer and winter solstice events.  New issues always arise, an example being the emerald ash borer.  Volunteers can attend a work party, work individually, or join the committee for monthly meetings to coordinate work on the projects.  Got an idea for improving our greenspaces?  Contact us!

What We Do

The locations and activities of volunteer projects are: 

(1) Glenwood Children's Park--removal of invasives, replanting, slope stabilization, and reduction of stormwater erosion to bring the park in closer harmony with Jensen's design concepts;

(2) Wingra Park--removal of garlic mustard, burdock and buckthorn, maintenance of the public orchard and decorative garden, and establish more native plants;  

(3) management of greenspaces such as the Leonard Street cul-de-sac;

(4) educate residents on the emerald ash borer and advocate for treatment of high-value ash trees in area parks;

(5) support efforts to establish a community garden near the intersection of Odana Road and the SW Trail to provide community garden plots for residents from three adjacent neighborhoods; and

(6) Jensen Legacy Path Initiative to recognize the two Jens Jensen designed sites, the Kenneth Wheeler Jensen Council Circle and Glenwood Children's Park.

Anyone interested in getting involved in any of these projects should contact the committee co-chairs Peter Nause at 206-1463, or Percy Mather at 233-1955 or email