SW Community Garden Project

Residents of the DMNA may be interested in the efforts to establish a community garden site located just beyond the neighborhood's boundary at the intersection of the SW bike path and Odana Road.  If approved, the site would draw gardeners from three neighborhoods:  Nakoma, Dudgeon-Monroe, and Westmoreland.

In April 2014, work on the proposal stopped following the loss of the Community Action Coalition (CAC) as the sponsor for gardens located on public property.  Following a year of discussion involving the City of Madison, Dane County, UW Extension, and several other groups, a new coalition will take over many of the functions that CAC did. 

Organizers for the proposed SW Trail Community Garden hope to secure use of the space by the 2016 growing season.



A preliminary public meeting was held on November 25, 2013, at the Sequoya Library.  At least 25 households are interested in obtaining a plot, if the garden site is established.  Additional meetings will be held in February and March.  The City Council will need to approve the project before it can become a reality.

Neighbors of the proposed garden have expressed some concerns that need to be addressed.  These include:  parking of cars while gardening takes place, overall condition of the site, location of the plots, etc.

The proposal was taken to the City Gardens Committee on March 25 as an informational item.

Anyone interested in the project should email SWCommunityGarden@gmail.com or call Percy Mather at 233-1955.