The Green Project - 1906 Monroe Street

Public Meeting Will Be July 16th at 7pm at HotelRED

For further details please read the provided information from the project's design team:

"It is the intention of The Green Project to build a state of the art construction at 1906 Monroe Street.  The project will combine the best of current green technology, materials reclaimed from the deconstruction of the current building and an innovative schematic design into a building that houses two great business, a foundation with a sustainability mission and three high-end neighborhood residences.  Although the footprint will be small and the building will only encompass 12,000 square ft., we plan to replace what is currently an easy to miss building and plot of land with a more noticeable and appropriate building for the location. The building will have commercial space for current Monroe Street entities, the Knight Foundation, and The Fit.  It will also house a lunch counter/ butcher / bakery proposed by the underground food collective.   The apartments will be comfortable fourth floor dwelling with sett backs that overlook Monroe St. and the adjacent commercial space."