Wingra Park Orchard Garden


Since 2010 Madison Parks Division and the DMNA have a five-year lease agreement allowing a small orchard, garden and decorative flowers to be maintained by volunteers for the enjoyment of the public.  The 130 by 40 ft plot is located in the northeast corner of Wingra Park, near Monroe Street.



The Wingra Park Orchard Garden (WPOG) provides:

  • edibles and floral beauty to the park,
  • organic fruits such as cherries, peaches, juneberries, raspberries and vegetables to park users, volunteers and the public,
  • a butterfly garden to attract monarchs, and
  • nursery beds for native woodland and prairie plants to replace less desirable vegetation in the park.


The annual calendar for management of the WPOG looks like this:

Jan - Feb   Select and order seeds, plants and bulbs for the season.

March - Start tender seedlings; prune trees as needed.

April - Begin soil preparation and cleanup of beds.

May - Plant seeds and seedlings. 

Late June - early July - Cherries are ripe.

June - September  Weed, water, mulch and harvest fruits, flowers and edibles.

October - November Cleanup planting beds and remove any materials that may harbor plant pests.



Volunteers are welcome to provide suggestions, comments or labor.  Contact Percy Mather at 233-1955 or by email to  Much can be accomplished by working for an hour or less.  Tools and instructions will be provided.