SW Path Prsirie Burn

The Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association represents about 1,500 households in the residential and business area along Monroe Street, in the near-west side of Madison.  The Association was established in 1973.

This web site provides information about the association, introduces our officers and committee chairs, and brags about our activities and accomplishments.

Browse and enjoy.  Then take a walk or bike ride through our wonderful neighborhood; shop at our neighborhood businesses; and join in the activities of our Neighborhood Council and committees.

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Controlled Prairie Burn - Photo credit: SW Path, by  Steve Glass        

Give Some Cash Save an Ash at Wingra Park

The playground area at Wingra Park is shaded by three mature ash trees.  With the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) spreading and threatening ash trees in Madison, we need to take immediate action to protect these important trees.  The DMNA Parks & Gardens Committee has begun a campaign to collect donations for the treatment of these crucial trees because the City cannot afford to treat trees in its parks.  If the trees die, the hot summer sun will heat up the playground equipment and require hats and slathered sunscreen to protect children's sensitive skin.

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