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The Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association represents about 1,500 households in the residential and business area along Monroe Street, in the near-west side of Madison.  The Association was established in 1973.

This web site provides information about the association, introduces our officers and committee chairs, and brags about our activities and accomplishments.

Browse and enjoy.  Then take a walk or bike ride through our wonderful neighborhood; shop at our neighborhood businesses; and join in the activities of our Neighborhood Council and committees.

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Controlled Prairie Burn - Photo credit: SW Path, by  Steve Glass        

Monroe Street Reconstruction Planning Process Meeting

Monroe Street Reconstruction Planning Process Meeting

When: 6:30-8:30 pm, Wednesday, March 9

Where: Edgewood College Washburn Heritage Room

Monroe Street Reconstruction

Monroe Street is scheduled for reconstruction in 2018.  $150,000 of pedestrian safety improvements are planned for 2016, with an anticipated $9,000,000 for reconstruction in 2018.  Given that every Dudgeon Monroe resident lives within a few blocks of Monroe Street, the reconstruction is a legacy project of vital importance to our neighborhood.  It provides us with a real opportunity to re-imagine Monroe Street. How might this street, the heart of our neighborhood, be redesigned?

DMNA 2015-16 Membership Form

If you have not yet completed a DMNA membership form, please print, compete and mail the form below with your $12.00 check for annual dues, payable to DMNA, to the DMNA membership chair, Kathy Engebretsen, 610 Baltzell St, Madison, 53711.

Our annual fall membership drive is wrapping up, but we know we have not been able to contact all households. It is especially hard to reach residents who live in security-locked buildings. Please join if we have missed you.

Click "Read more" below to find the 2015-16 membership form attachment, if the link is not visible.

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DMNA_News is an email list sponsored by the Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association to periodically send information about activities of interest to residents of the neighborhood.

Subscribers only need to provide their email address to receive messages. These email addresses will not be used for other purposes or distributed to any other parties.

New Video of DMNA History&Nature Trail Launch Event, 2015

Watch this fascinating 15 minute video of the first event launching the new DMNA History&Nature Trail, featuring Sandy Stark, Molly Fifield-Murray, Peter Nause, and Kathy Miner, with great information, at this link:


DMNA Nature & History Trail Map & Link to Narrative Page

Starting in July 2015, a printed map and accompanying narrative of trail stops will be available on the link below. Neighborhood tours will be launched July 9th (brochures will be in kiosks on SW Commuter Path/Glenway and in Wingra Park, as well as in some local businesses on Monroe Street).

Please follow this link to map and narrative:​

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